Software Product Testing

IV & V and Certifications

At Mindteck, testing is an integral part of software development process, it is not just quality assurance, it is quality engineering. We not only build quality but create value by preventing defects before they occur. How do we do this?

We start with diligently assessing your needs with quantification of optimization, we make test case authoring clear and efficient, we are constantly looking for ways to increase test coverage, we automate testing and also assess the ROI of automation, we adopt best of breed toolsets and standardized processes for improved effectiveness and efficiencies. We manage our testing lifecycle backed by metrics and measurement with a focus on reducing risks and minimizing defects. We're also not afraid to get our hands dirty by diving deep into the code to identify what re-factoring might be useful to help test the system better.


  • Test Strategy: Our test strategy services focuses on understanding and optimizing your testing function. We assess your organization's test maturity and we take a close look at your environment. We recommend a roadmap based on data like test maturity index, test tool feasibility report, metrics and measurement framework, spend analysis report, test tools utilization report, test competency framework etc.
  • System and Integration Testing: We perform system and integration testing with a focus on testing the functional requirements and ensuring that all related systems exchange data seamlessly, verifying a system?s ability to operate as expected with other systems within the same environment.
  • Specialized Testing: We help you address specific testing needs like compliance, localization, interoperability, SOA, package implementation
  • Software Product Testing: We specialize in quality engineering of software products - the methodologies, framework and toolsets help our clients verify product quality in a comprehensive form. We consider aspects like conformance to requirements, scalability and extensibility, integration
  • Test Automation: One of our key mantras is automation, so our first task on a new project is to evaluate the current state of test automation, identify what we could do to improve the results obtained, reduce the total run time, and make the best use of available resources
  • Test Infrastructure: We design and implement test environments, test data preparation and rapid development and release tools
  • Cloud Based Testing: We provide load, capacity and performance testing for web sites, web applications and mobile applications. It can be delivered either over the web or on-premise behind the firewall as an appliance

Innovate and Deliver Faster

Test Accelerator Value Enablers
Test Automation Framework
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Effort savings of ~20-30%
Product Testing Framework
  • End to end product test cycle coverage
  • Comprehensive view of product quality
MindAssure Framework
  • Based on V-model
  • Defect prevention, early detection of defects and lower cost of quality
Agile and Model Based Testing
  • Increase quality of testing
  • Testing efficiency - Saves ~10-15% effort
Innovate and Deliver Faster

We believe that tests should be portable and reusable and also that frameworks should liberate testers and let them focus on the test content. We help you test faster with our frameworks and reusable artifacts.

Delivery Models

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