Data Storage Technologies

Mindteck supports a range of data storage technology companies – from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – in their pursuit to provide superior scalability and integration, better security, and rock-solid reliability to their large corporate clients, as they continually evolving their solution offerings to remain relevant and competitive.

Over a span of 16 years, we have garnered a distinct blend of domain knowledge and expertise, and built the capacity and capability, to serve as an extended engineering team for leading providers of:

  • Hyperconverged Storage Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Composable Infrastructure
  • Storage Data Management Software
  • Enterprise/Datacenter Storage Equipment

Our data storage solutions enables clients with flexibility to scale a project up or down based upon business needs, and also utilize their own engineers for next-generation initiatives. In addition to improving efficiency and productivity in their core focus areas, they rely on our mindful approach encompassing:

  • Robust quality standards
  • Demonstrated ability to retain storage product knowledge over multiple years across large teams using effective knowledge management practices
  • Service agility geared toward providing attentive care, no matter the project size
  • Engagement flexibility – onsite/offshore – T&M, fixed-price, outcome-based models; also, solely onsite team extension and offshore team extension at captives
  • Quick ramp-up and on-time, quality delivery

Data Storage Services

Storage Software


System Health Monitoring

Storage Management Applications

Data Protection

Product Software Sustenance

Tools Development


Storage Hardware and
Firmware Design

Driver Development

Board Design

Firmware Design

Consultancy and Implementation

Server Storage Consolidation

Data Migration and Training

Sizing and Performance Monitoring

Performance Optimization

Storage Software Testing

BIOS/NVRAM/Flash Cache/Remote

Management Module

Software-Defined Storage

Protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, NVMe)


File System Testing

Storage Virtualization

Storage Cloud (GCP, Azure and AWS)

NIC Driver Testing

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Windows/VMWare/Citrix Certification Testing

Test Automation using Python

Testing and Automation of Containers
(Kubernetes, Docker)

Test Automation/Test Library Development

Expert Data Storage Solutions

NAS and SAN Technology 

Development, Test Design and Execution

Network set-up to validate solution script

Automation Framework Development

Cloud/Data Management Technology

Framework Design and Development

Solution Deployment

Product Validation

HCI Solution Testing

Testing and Automation

Scriptwriting and Execution of Test Cases

Framework/API Development

White Box Testing

Disaster Recovery/Backup Solution

Feature Development

Test Design

Data Storage Technology Development


Develop functionalities, such as speed
negotiation in NIC driver

Implementation of new features, such as IPV6
for different RAID levels 

Development-driven qualification/white box testing

Drivers and Platform Diagnostics

Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
software – IPMI and Redfish (web-based platform
management framework) – can be used for any
remote server management


Value tool to test high-risk platform configurations

Tool development for test management
(Autotest Launching Tool) using Python

H/W Acceptance Test Framework (HATS) Tools


Web application development using
EXT-JS, Angular JS, React

Flash to HTML5 porting

Test Automation Expertise

60% of QA engineers engaged in Automation assignments

Perl and Python scripting languages for Test Automation

Automated new scripts for Interconnect, iSCSI, and network cluster port test cases in AWS H/W

Automating new test cases and adding functionality to existing test cases

Modified libraries/scripts which run on AWS H/W and normal controller setup

Experience in maintaining proprietary test library catering to multiple teams

Automation for CLI in transferring data from legacy systems to newer systems

Developing and automating test cases using Selenium and Python for backup application


For different operating systems both device drivers and RAID controllers

WHQL Certification (All versions of Windows)

VMware Certification
(ESXi 5.5, ESXi 6.0, ESXi 6.5)

Citrix Certification (Citrix 5.2, Citrix 6.0)

VSAN Certification (6.0 & 6.5)

Red Hat and Filer Certifications on VMware

Azure Certification

Veritas Certification

The Mindteck Advantage

Strong credentials and deep
knowledge spanning 16 years in
the data storage domain

Relationship-centric, with
average client tenure lasting
more than 8 years

Tier 1 Vendor for a multinational
enterprise IT
company since 2001

Delivered solutions
for 40+ data storage

10% year-on-year
productivity effectiveness

0 Handholding

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