Product Engineering, Re-engineering and Sustenance

Product Engineering

The growing demand for transformative products has resulted in increased competition between industries. Organizations are constantly challenged to create innovative products with evolving technologies, optimized costs and shorter delivery cycles.

Mindteck's expertise in product engineering is a result of its rich heritage. Formed by the amalgamation of companies strong in hardware design, system software development and application development, Mindteck has not only retained those strengths but also developed them for about three decades. Our long-standing client relationships with leading companies the world over is testament to our strong track record of success in providing product development services.

We offer end-to-end product engineering services with legacy expertise in product conceptualization, feasibility studies, prototyping, hardware and firmware design, system software and application development, system integration, quality assurance, packaging, environment testing and certifications.

Customer Benefits

The quality of our work at every stage provides the following value additions:
  • Customers can focus on their core activities trusting Mindteck to take care of their outsourced activities completely. We have good domain knowledge from years of experience.
  • We have the right competencies and can help you create the right products with the right designs. Our capabilities include providing end-to-end solutions, beginning with a requirement analysis, feasibility study, prototyping and ending with packaging and certifications.
  • We provide a warranty period during which time Mindteck provides updates and fixes defects, if any.
  • Our product sustenance services are based on clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • The Intellectual Property (IP) is entirely owned by the customer.
  • We focus on establishing long-term relationships and have the track record to prove it.

Mindteck can help you with:

  • New Product Engineering: Building a product/solution right from inception. This entails end-to-end product development. Along with using the best technologies available, Mindteck also employs Scrum/Agile methodology to ensure product specifications are met.
  • Product Maintenance: Taking care of periodic updates and enhancements to the product/solution from the onset. We also support the end users of the customer through multi-tiered support organizations.
  • Product Re-engineering: Ensuring products are designed in a manner that they can be scaled up/updated to meet the market demands and remain in competition.
  • Product Obsolescence Management: Hardware components become obsolete every few years. This necessitates re-design using components currently available in the market. Mindteck, with its partnerships with leading semiconductor companies, is uniquely positioned to re-design using components which are not likely to become obsolete in the near future.

The Product Engineering Team at Mindteck focuses on three areas:

  • Electronic Design Services
  • Wireless and Smart Energy
  • Data Storage


In the product lifecycle, products tend to become obsolete. This is especially true with embedded systems. Component obsolescence is something to be planned in advance as production of systems can be adversely affected due to the non-availability of components. At Mindteck, we help our customers to address challenges such as component obsolescence, enabling the customers’ products/solutions to be more efficient. We also help organizations to re-architect their product/solution using current technologies, which results in efficient products/solutions with extended product lifecycles. Mindteck considers product/solution scalability and flexibility as key design objectives while re-engineering. We also help in extending the product/solution to new areas so as to address a larger market segment.

Customer Benefits

  • Mindteck undertakes your end-to-end re-engineering needs while you focus on other product introductions.
  • We will help you re-engineer products/solutions so that they are future-ready. Mindteck’s alliances with semiconductor market leaders ensure that chosen components have long product life spans.
  • New UI technologies are introduced during re-engineering, thus making the product/solution more user-friendly and appealing.

A sample success story

Re-engineering of Turbo Machinery Control System

The customer is a US-based technology company which has been leading the industry in turbo machinery controls for more than 35 years. They have customized solutions for clients in industries that include oil and gas. Mindteck has been a one-stop solution providing end-to-end integrated solutions. We were engaged in re-engineering their solution involving hardware, firmware and system software.

Some of the salient features of the re-engineered solution are:

  • Dual modular redundant hot-swappable system implementation
  • Design and development of electronics, firmware and mechanical
  • Active backplane on EtherCAT supporting six types and 9x2 PCBAs
  • Modular architecture convenience for redundant and critical applications
  • On-Board peripherals support
    • NAND Flash, SDRAM
    • Hi-speed uSD card
    • EtherCAT, Ethernet ports
    • 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Green Hills u-velOSity real-time Microkernel
  • Customizations of device drivers and BSP
  • Application development using CODESYS software suite
  • Industrial design and prototyping
  • Thermal analysis, FMEA, MTBF
  • Pre-compliance tests for CE/FCC
  • Compliant to ATEX certification
    • IEC: II 3G Ex n IIC (Hydrogen) T3
    • NEC: Class I Division 2 T3


At Mindteck, we believe in sustainable products/solutions and take care of product maintenance and solutions for our customers. We take total ownership of providing fixes and periodic patch releases for its products/solutions including minor enhancements. We also set up multi-tiered support organizations to interact with our customers catering to all geographies.

Mindteck can independently or in collaboration with customers’ technical teams, customer, make major enhancements of the product/solution, helping to extend the life of the product/solution in the market.

Delivery Models

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