Semiconductor Technology

Mindteck is a leading software and hardware solutions provider for the semiconductor industry. Over the past 16 years, we have catered to the needs of semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers, subsystem vendors, and FABS – helping them to improve equipment software features, performance and increase productivity.

Equipment Software

Good knowledge and
exposure to standard

SEMI Standards

Experienced in
200mm and 300mm
SEMI FA Standards

Factory Automation


FA Testing


FA Simulation

Recipe Server

MES Interface

Specialized Controls

R2R Control

Predictive Analytics

Machine Vision

Solution Accelerators

Device Simulator

Automated Testing

FA Test Harness

E95 UI Widgets

USB CAN-based
DeviceNet Master

Our semiconductor engineering and equipment product lifecycle services address the complete value chain – new product development, sustenance, testing, support and performance improvement services and solutions – helping our clients to fully leverage their core engineering team to focus on next-generation equipment solutions.

  • Domain knowledge and experience in both front-end and back-end equipment
  • Deep software subsystem expertise
  • Solution Accelerators
  • Mindteck's software services for semiconductor equipment
  • Key Value Proposition and Engineering Model

Domain Knowledge

We understand the industry ecosystem, market conditions and challenges, and have significant experience working on a variety of processes, methods and equipment, including Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), plasma-enhanced CVD, MBE, lithography, wet/dry etch, wafer sorters, wafer probers, vacuum transport, wafer handlers, ATE equipment, automated component inspection and metrology equipment.

of Line

Wafer Sorter

Wafer Prober and Test

Automated Component Inspection

Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumps

Deposition – CVD, PECVD,

Etch – Wet and Dry, High Aspect Ratio

Lithography | Electrofill | Strip and Clean

CMP | MBE | Wafer Inspection

Horizontal Diffusion Furnace

of Line

Subsystems Expertise

Our highly-skilled teams have in-depth expertise in semiconductor engineering and manufacturing equipment software sub-systems, including host communications, front-end/EFEM, graphic user interface, configuration manager, scheduler, communication manager, recipe manager, process/chamber control and vacuum wafer handling, and transport.

Cut down time-to-market with our expertise and experience

Host Communication
SECS/GEM standard 300mm
FA implementation Generic Equipment Model (GEM)

Configuration Manager
Equipment configurations and equipment calibration data

Recipe Manager
Control of load locks, transfer chamber robots, pressure equalization

Front-end EFEM
Input and output wafer handling, wafer mapping interfaces to FA for LOT information

Equipment sequencing
and LOT management

Process/Chamber Manager
Process control for wafer

Graphic User Interface
User interface for equipment monitoring and control

Communication Manager
Communication across
distributed nodes

Vacuum Wafer handling
and Wafer transport
Recipe repository, scheduling recipes to process modules

Solution Accelerators

Our ready-to-deploy semiconductor solution accelerators, such as device simulators, automated equipment software testing framework, SECS/GEM-based FA test harness, SECS/GEM Communication software stack and EDA/Interface-A communication software stack help to lower project risk and cost, and shorten the project runway.

Equipment Simulator Framework

Device Layer Abstraction

Device and Proceess Simulation

Rapid Development

Graphical Tools (no coding)

Automated Testing Framework

Integrated and Unit Testing in application run-time

Independent code coverage tool usage

Fault Injection

Cyclic Defect Elimination

E95 UI Widgets


Control Panel


List Control

Animated Controls

Factory Automation


FA Test Harness

Mindteck's software services for semiconductor technology

  • Equipment software: Mindteck brings to bear specialist expertise across the entire existing software lifecycle and also undertake new software development and re-engineering projects. We are particularly adept at wafer manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, assembly and test with strong focus on process and tool control, device connectivity, standards implementation, simulator development and testing automation.
  • FAB/MES software: We specialize in semiconductor technology, manufacturing, tool utilities, facilities automation, custom automation solutions and MES/CIM software enhancement. We also provide services to help seamlessly transition MES and CIM software to public cloud leveraging on its high availability, lowered maintenance and no upfront IT infrastructure capex cost.
  • Advanced Process Solutions and IT services: We offer a wide spectrum of IT services including SEMI standards implementation, DeviceNet/Ethercat I/O and controller devices software implementation, proprietary protocol development, MES,CIM, enterprise device monitoring, EDS, simulator development, automation, change management, and end-to-end testing services.

Delivery Models

  • Offshore


  • Offsite


  • Onsite


  • Near-Shore


  • BOT