Electronics, Semiconductor and Storage

Electronics and Semiconductor

Mindteck is a leading software and hardware solutions provider for the Semiconductor industry. With over ten years of experience, we understand the ecosystem and the market conditions and we possess the vision to understand the challenges and propose the right solutions. Our semiconductor software services and solutions have helped our clients improve equipment software features and performance and increase productivity. Our services focus on catering to the software needs of semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers, subsystem vendors, and fabs.

Our Semiconductor equipment product life cycle services address the complete value chain of providing new product development, product sustenance, IV&V, product support and performance improvement services and solutions helping our semiconductor equipment manufacturing customers to fully leverage their core engineering team to fully focus on solution of next generation equipment.

  • Domain knowledge and experience in both front-end and back-end equipment
  • Deep software subsystem expertise
  • Mobile Application Strategy, Development, and Implementation
  • Solution Accelerators
  • Mindteck's software services for semiconductor equipment
  • Key Value Proposition and Engineering Model

Domain Knowledge

Mindteck has been serving the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry for more than a decade in both the front-end and back-end manufacturing equipment space by offering various kinds of software services. Mindteck has significant experience working with Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), Plasma Enhanced CVD, MBE, Lithography, Wet/Dry Etch, Wafer Sorters, Wafer Probers, Vacuum Transport, Wafer Handlers, ATE equipment, automated component inspection and metrology equipment, etc.

Subsystems Expertise

Mindteck's trained teams have in-depth expertise in semiconductor manufacturing equipment software sub-systems including host communications, front-end/EFEM, graphic user interface, configuration manager, scheduler, communication manager, recipe manager, process/chamber control and vacuum wafer handling and transport. Mindteck has the expertise in semiconductor manufacturing equipment software sub-systems to cut down time-to-market.

Solution Accelerators

Our ready to deploy solution accelerators such as device simulator, automated equipment software testing framework, and SECS/GEM based FA test harness helps lower project risk and cost, and shortens the project runway.

Mindteck's software services for semiconductor equipment

  • Equipment software: Mindteck brings to bear specialist expertise across the entire existing software lifecycle. We undertake new software development and re-engineering projects as well. We are particularly adept at wafer manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, assembly and test with strong focus on process and tool control, device connectivity, standards implementation, simulator development and testing automation.
  • FAB/MES software: We specialize in semiconductor manufacturing, tool utilities, facilities automation, and custom automation solutions.
  • Advanced Process Solutions and IT services: We offer a wide spectrum of IT services including SEMI standards implementation, DeviceNet implementation, proprietary protocol development, MES, enterprise device monitoring, EDS, simulator development, automation, change management, and end-to-end testing services.


Data is burgeoning exponentially all over the globe. As a consequence, data storage solution providers and OEM manufacturers are constantly faced with the tough challenge of providing superior scalability and integration, better protection, and rock solid reliability. Their data storage solutions must evolve with the constantly changing needs of huge global organizations.

Mindteck's Storage Center of Excellence has a long-term vision of the storage product line with a well-structured implementation plan. We have the capacity and capability to offer a diverse range of storage engineering services. With over 75 man years of experience and demonstrated expertise, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients faster time-to-market with negligible margin of error. Our end-to-end solutions have helped many of our clients improve efficiency and increase productivity in their core areas. Almost all our engagements in the storage verticals are long-term in nature marked with consistent value delivery and continuous innovation.


  • SNIA
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Alliance with semiconductor companies like Freescale, Texas Instruments, Atmel and Microchip

Mindteck offers a bouquet of services in Storage

Storage Software Development

We undertake cutting-edge development projects that involve huge cache development, cache mirroring, high-availability multipathing and point-in-time snapshot solutions. Within the storage applications space, Mindteck has executed sustenance projects related to backup/restore, data replication and storage virtualization related applications. Our offerings include:

  • Device drivers
  • File Systems
  • Storage protocols
  • Storage management application
  • Data protection
  • Product software sustenance
  • Server & Storage Virtualization
  • Cloud platform

Storage Verification & Validation

Storage verification & validation is a key focus area in Mindteck. We have built exclusive offshore storage labs for our customers. Our responsive managed storage verification & validation services ensure domain and technology expertise on-demand, flexible sourcing, efficient engagement of testing peaks and troughs, and outstanding product quality prior to market release. Leading storage solution vendors have benefited from our comprehensive quality assurance and verification & validation services that include:

  • BIOS/Firmware
  • Flash cache
  • Diagnostics
  • Protocol Conformance
  • High Availability
  • File Systems
  • Storage hardware platforms
  • QA Automation
  • Cloud solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Storage Hardware and Firmware design

With the end-to-end capability Mindteck has in system design, including hardware and firmware design, and packaging, Mindteck can cater to any hardware and firmware design requirements in Storage. We can even take care of the certifications required for the end product.

Productized Solutions

With our vast expertise in offering testing solutions for leading global organizations in the storage space, we have been able to develop and offer innovative solutions that help reduce testing time and subsequently minimize time to market for our clients. Our solutions include:

  • Datacenter monitoring and control
  • Automated testing framework
  • Simulator

Consultancy and Implementation Services

Mindteck's storage consultancy and implementation services deploy a proven approach to address specific application and business requirements of our clients. Our methodology facilitates higher performance, high capacity, security, compliance, and integration, while reducing costs and time-to-market. Our services include:

  • Server storage consolidation
  • Data migration and training
  • Sizing and performance monitoring
  • Performance optimization

Key areas of expertise

During the past twelve years Mindteck has been a partner to leading Storage product organizations, and the team has built up immense knowledge in almost all areas of Platform & Storage, especially in Remote Management Modules and NAS Protocols respectively.

Tools Competency

Over the years, Mindteck teams have acquired proficiency in most tools used in the industry, including the open source tools.

Automated Functional and Regression TestingQTP, Rational Robot, Test Complete
Load TestingSpirent, LANforge, LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, WebLoad, OpenSTA, Visual Studio Test, JMeter, Hammer
Unit TestingJUnit, NUnit, JFCUnit, uTest, Abbot, Robot J, Rational Virtual User
Defect and Change TrackingALM, ClearQuest, GNATS, Bugzilla, SourceForge, Visual Intercept, ProjectByNet, Jira
GUI TestingQTP, Mercury WinRunner, Silk test, Selenium
Memory LeakLeak Check, Purify, JProfiler
Configuration ManagementCVS, VSS, SVN, Perforce
Test ExecutionALM, Proprietary Tools
Automation ScriptingPerl, Shell, Python, TCL/TK
Protocol MonitoringWireShark, Firebricks, Spirent Simulator

Automation Expertise

Mindteck has established itself as a strong QA automation organization. All the engineers have been trained in automation using one of the scripting languages – Perl, Python, Shell scripts or using Selenium with Perl of Java for the UI part. Sixty-five percent of our team is engaged in automation activities at any moment of time. Mindteck teams leverage on rugged libraries to improve productivity. Mindteck has developed its own framework for automation using Selenium.

Why Mindteck?

  • 12 years of experience in partnering with leading Storage Providers
  • Sets up customer specific labs where hands-on testing is involved
  • Deep domain and product knowledge acquired over the years
  • Teams working independently without the need for handholding

Delivery Models

  • Offshore


  • Offsite


  • Onsite


  • Near-Shore


  • BOT