Mindteck Wins Smart Grid Project for Bangalore Electricity and Supply Company (Bescom) Through IIT-BHU

MINDTECK WINS SMART GRID PROJECT FOR B ANGALORE ELECTRICITY AND SUPPLY COMPANY (BESCOM) THROUGH IIT - BHU Scope of work will bring increased energy efficiencies to both residential and industrial consumers

Bengaluru, India – April 04, 2016: Mindteck, a global technology company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE 517344), today announced that it is implementing a Smart Grid project for BESCOM’s Chandrapura Sub-Division in synergy with IIT BHU. The research-oriented project is known as “Design and Development of a Smart Energy Grid Architecture with Energy Storage”, and is funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under sanction by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The new concept of Smart System Architecture will be executed by Mindteck under the leadership of Dr. Rajendra K. Pandey, Professor and Principal Investigator at the Department of Electrical Engineering - IIT (BHU), in collaboration with CSTEP and BESCOM management. It is expected to be a unique smart control demonstration platform for utilities and institutes that will help pave the way for future collaborative work – both nationally and internationally.

Mindteck will be demonstrating the success of transitioning to the smart grid over the traditional grids. The company’s primary focus will be R&D integration resulting in peak load management, demand response and local intelligent power control with grid power variation for transformers. The project entails the installation of automatic metering infrastructure (AIM), single phase and three-phase smart meters along with LT-CT and HT-CT operated-meters, data concentrator, and a meter data acquisition system (MDAS) and meter data management (MDM) for real-time data acquisition and retrieval.

Consumers under this distribution network will be able to monitor their energy usage and choose from the available power supply and tariff structure for heavy appliances through real time SMS alerts. This will enable their active participation as smart consumers--a crucial characteristic of Smart Grid Infrastructure.

Dr. Rajendra K. Pandey commented, "Mindteck's global expanse and multi-faceted experience will be assets for the Smart Distribution System Project being undertaken at the Chandapura Sub-Division. We expect that the company will leverage these assets, together with integrating the latest technologies, to demonstrate the concept of smart system architecture that leads to Smart Cities with Smart Controls.”

“We are delighted to be part of this important project,” commented Yusuf Lanewala, Mindteck Chairman and Managing Director. He added, “Mindteck’s energy management offerings provide consumers with an in-depth understanding of their power consumption practices, and we are confident that this grid-modernisation project will go a long way toward contributing to an efficient energy infrastructure. This undertaking builds on our other significant work on research projects with Singapore-Berkeley Building Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tropics (SinBERBEST), and The Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University.”

Mindteck’s Regional VP - IMEA, Mr. Harish Nair (left) and Professor and Principal Investigator - Department of Electrical Engineering - IIT (BHU), Dr. Rajendra K. Pandey, after signing the agreement.

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