Mindteck Healthcare IP


Mind-ICU eVisit

This innovative solution enables ICU patients with complicated medical cases to get timely access to world's best doctors irrespective of their physical location. The solution has the ability to integrate with existing ICU devices and is easy to deploy and maintain. Hospital chains can leverage their specialists doctors to provide value added services to tier 2/3 city hospitals using this solution

MyHealth AssistTM

An innovative personalized connected home healthcare solution from Mindteck. Patients with chronic health conditions, postoperative care patients as well as Elderly patients use MyHealth AssistTM to follow their personalized medication schedule, self-check and report vital health parameters, seek assistance / receive timely intervention upon need from healthcare provider, order prescription medications from pharmacy, order laboratory tests, all from the comfort of their homes

Delivery Models

  • Offshore


  • Offsite


  • Onsite


  • Near-Shore


  • BOT